Natural beauty... Life in balance

Crated with the belief that nature has more than enough to offer us healthy, beautiful and glowing skin and to follow in the knowledge of wisdom from our Thai ancestors on using herbs and spices to promote health, beauty and well-being with our extensive knowledge of aromatherapy on using essential oils, vegetable oils and extracts. Result – the effective range of natural and organic skin care for your beautiful skin, balance body and peaceful mind. Certified natural and organic cosmetic with Natrue & Bio-agricert

Organic Body Massage Oil
  • In Peace Bath, Body & Massage Oil
  • Harmony Bath, Body & Massage Oil
  • Life Bath, Body & Massage Oil
  • Detox Bath, Body & Massage Oil
Natural Facial & Body Care
  • Flower Power Age Rewind Facial Cream
  • Flower Power Age Rewind Facial Serum
  • Flower Power Age Rewind Facial Oil
  • Herbs Blossom Lifing & Firming Breast Cream
Natural Mask
  • Bio Active Cellulose Mask